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If Maine would increase their moose hunting permits and lower the moose population to responsible levels, the winter tick problem would go away. If they are closed, … Applications are available by January 31. The most common way hunters obtain a moose permit is through the lottery system. Northern Maine Guide Service & Outdoor Outfitter in the Allagash Region Located at the confluence of the Allagash and St John Rivers in northern Maine is the small community of Allagash. Check with us about swapping your cow tag for a bull tag, or changing your wildlife management district. To hunt for moose in Maine, you will need a permit; and due to high demand, these permits are administered in four ways only: Through two chance lottery drawings (resident and non-resident) Through a competitive auction. For the last decade, Nathan Theriault has been an attentive student of Guy's hunting traditions and uniquely effective hunting techniques. An Anterless moose permit allows the permittee to harvest a female moose without antlers or a male calf moose without antlers. For the American sportsman, however; all of the wonders of Maine cannot be eclipsed by the lure of being able to pursue the majestic Canadian moose during their rutting season. BaylorBowhunter. Just the good stuff. Through a controlled moose hunt for disabled veterans. For moose hunting, I favor bolt-action rifles because they've always functioned trouble free for me in good weather and poor. Our moose hunting tips book is written with not just the novice in mind, there are tips in the book that even the most seasoned moose hunter will find of value. Maine Moose Drawing; Every year in mid-May, Maine offers residents and non-residents an opportunity at drawing one of it’s coveted bull moose permits. Here’s a helpful checklist to reference for what to bring on your Maine hunt while you prepare. The book includes 57 chapters, with more than 150 pages of information, jam packed with tips, techniques and discussions - The Ultimate Guide to Moose Hunting! CPD; Oct 8, 2020; Replies 19 ... Maine Moose - DIY vs Guided? Going on your first deer or moose hunt with Maine Deer Hunting? Consider the Cover. Wear clothing that does not make any noise while you move. The Katahdin Region is a Four Season recreation destination, with a wide variety of outdoor pursuits to choose from. And remember, although usually moose are not aggressive, they are still wild animals and deserve our respect. nettereo16; Jun 14, 2020; Replies 16 Views 825. We have everything from big game like moose and black bear, to small game hunting such as rabbit and turkey. Through a … If selected for a Maine Moose Hunting Permit, residents and non-Maine residents must pay a Moose permit fee of: $52.00 Maine resident; $585.00 Non Maine resident / Non resident big game license also apply $114.00; This year’s drawing will be held at the Moose … Only the northern and western portions of the state are open to moose hunting, and the moose hunting area is divided into seven zones to distribute the hunting pressure. In Maine, with other outfitters, all the moose hunting is basically done on mostly public land where you will drive around for 6 days and hunt the clear cuts from a pickup. Maine Moose Hunting Zones Foggy Mountain Guide Service utilizes five Wildlife Management Districts. Replies 174 Views 8K. You can try your luck in the draw and, if drawn, we can get you booked with a world-class outfitter in northern Maine for under $6,000. Fleece or wool is... Cow and Calf Moose Hunting Tips. The disabled veteran must meet eligibility and permit requirements. Sunrise Ridge Guide Service and Sporting Camps offers exciting and affordable trophy guided Maine hunting trips led by registered Maine hunting guides - for the "thrill of a lifetime" experience!. But now they are back to blaming Climate Change on the number of ticks. Permit donation to veterans: A person who receives a moose permit may transfer that permit to a disabled veteran or may return the permit to MDIFW so the permit can be transfered to a disabled veteran through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. A person may not hunt moose with an apprentice hunter license. This wonderful state is known for it’s incredible state parks, it’s rocky coastline, maritime history and fantastic seafood. To get a Maine moose tag you must enter the moose hunt lottery drawing at the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife web site. Permits for 65 years old and older: A resident 65 years of age or older with 30 points or more in the moose lottery system who applies for a moose permit is guaranteed a permit. Allagash Guide Service is located in the northwestern corner of Maine along the Quebec border. MOOSE FACTS The moose is the official State Animal of Maine. Our camps are situated ½ mile from the river, therefore we are perfectly placed to hunt both zones 1 and 2 with limited travel necessary. Moose hunting has been a tradition for years in the great state of Maine. It is a magnet for them. For those wanting to circumvent the draw and – JUST BOOK IT – we can assist you at the auction. Applications are available by January 31. Physical Address: Make Sure It's Dead – Approach the animal to within 10 feet. When moose season overlaps the firearms season on … Moose Hunting Season Anyone who hunts any species with a firearm or crossbow in a Wildlife Management District that is open to moose hunting must wear one article of solid-colored hunter orange clothing (hats count). Some have even brought their entire families to visit the city and then explore the coastline, lighthouses and national parks all before settling-in to a great week at hunting camp as Maine is a “bucket list” travel destination for most. Fax: (207) 287-8094 or (207) 287-6395 Offers guiding to those lucky enough to draw a Maine moose hunting permit . If a qualified applicant is drawn in the lottery, the cost to purchase the permit is $1,500. For several years, the Maine Department of Inland Fishers & Wildlife has been auctioning off moose tags to the highest bidder. 3,135 permits were issued for the 2020 moose hunt. The bag limit is one moose per year, by either permittee or subpermittee. Maine, the northeastern-most U.S. state, is a crown jewel of our great country. Moose Statistics and Appearance. Call us to reserve your "Hunt of a Lifetime". Hunting License. The lottery opens up in January or February with the deadline in May and drawing taking place the 2nd Saturday of June. All dates are inclusive except that hunting is prohibited on Sunday. Maine's moose hunt is a "permit only" hunt. Moose hunting in Maine is one of the most incredible experiences that a sportsman can embark on. I finally finished editing all the footage from my daughter Tasha 's September moose hunt in our home state of Maine. Each permittee may select a subpermittee to hunt with them. Maine's moose hunt is a "permit only" hunt. This year, for example, there were 10 bull moose tags available at auction. The best value in Maine Moose hunting. For the lobster and clam lover, it is heaven on earth. Augusta, ME 04333-0041, Mailing Address: A transferor and a transferee of the permit are subject to the elimination of any accumulated points and the 3-year ineligibility period to reapply for a moose permit. TTY: Maine Relay 711 Upon drawing a permit, you will be given a selected week to hunt the bull or antler-less moose per permit. One way is we plant food plots on my own farm specifically for moose with various brassicas, oats, clovers and alfalfa. When you stay with us for your moose hunt, we are there to help. Keep it clean, and use tasteful photos. Just like you and I, they don't like inclement weather. 284 State Street From motor sports and people powered excursions, to Maine moose hunting and embracing soft adventure and ecotourism, there is something for everybody, with Moose … Look at its eyes. Maine offers some of the best hunting and fishing opportunities in the country. Alert: Stay up to date on Maine's COVID-19 Response, Home → Hunting & Trapping → Hunting Laws & Rules → Moose Hunting. About this hunt. The low bid was $22K and the high bid was $23K. No spam. With this in mind, willow flats surrounding frozen marshlands can be an ideal place to look for moose in the late season. We can also secure you a guaranteed Lodge Tag as we believe we should be able to secure at least five of these guaranteed tags for the 2021 and 2022 hunting seasons. Email us, Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Opportunities for People with Disabilities, Rulemaking Proposals Open to Public Comment. WTA TAGS can assist interested client in each of the above areas. You’ll have access to our onsite cooler and our equipment to recover your harvest. Or send us a note below. Kittery Trading Post, LL Bean, and at other local stores. SO if you see that flashing moose sign on the highway, stay alert! The hunt includes Sunday to Saturday lodging, all your meals, transportation, Lots of pre-scouting, 1 on 1 hunting guide, camp manager/cook, and getting your harvested moose out of the woods. This group is here to share pictures and stories of moose hunting in Maine. There are three ways to obtain access to a Maine moose hunt: Every year in mid-May, Maine offers residents and non-residents an opportunity at drawing one of it’s coveted bull moose permits. I thought Maine’s moose biologists had begun to figure this out. A person 10 years or age or older on the opening day of the moose hunt is eligible to apply for a moose hunting permit in that calendar year. This is done by getting off the... #4 Scout out areas ahead of the hunt and look for signs of moose. See Laws Pertaining to Hunting Equipment for information on the use of crossbows. Note: A new law has changed the definition of antlerless moose to mean: a moose without antlers. Hunt moose in WMD zones 3,6,2,1,4,5,7,8,9,10 with experienced and registered Maine moose guides. Guided Maine Hunting Outfitters Trip Packages: Sunrise Ridge Guide Service and Sporting Camps. Cold, wind, and snow; these are often the conditions of late season. The proceeds of these tags are directed to 501C(3) charities and some auction winners take a tax deduction for part of the payment. A person may not hunt moose with an apprentice hunter license. Maine is the least densely populated U.S. state east of the Mississippi River and the most forest covered. license and state tag fee, meat processing, shipping, ammunition, tips, caping / skinning, state taxes and taxidermy. Applicants can purchase unlimited chances for one of Maine’s several moose hunting zones as long as they meet the application deadline (for the 2020 Maine moose hunting season the deadline to apply is fast approaching – May 15th). Contact owners Ron Greco at 207-740-0200 or Ryan Dicker at 207-557-1243 to book your trip. B. C. Alaska Moose Transporter Recommendations. Here at Northern Hideaway Outfitters, our territory is located in Zone 1 and offers 200 sq miles of bears and moose to hunt. 3,135 permits were issued for the 2020 moose hunt. Hearing a cow bellow or a bull grunt in search of a mate or watching a bull rake alder bushes staking his territory is priceless. They use these areas... Moose Hunting Safety. You owe it to yourself to explore, and hunt, one of God’s great blessings before you hang-it-up – MAINE! Opt-out anytime. Maine’s Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) 1 & 2 are separated by the Allagash River. The Maine moose hunt lasts just one week per year, usually the first full week of October. When filling out your moose lottery application, choose WMD 1,2,5,4, 3,6 & 11 in that order. Oct 28, 2020. Your Maine guide we will work to gain access to land in your selected Maine hunting zone, or WMD. Each permittee may select a subpermittee to hunt with them. If you would like to discuss obtaining an opportunity to hunt the Canadian moose of Maine give the Consulting team at WTA TAGS a call today – 1-800-755-8247. Over the years we have booked dozens of clients to Maine for moose and black bear. Want a better tags application strategy, let our TAGS division help you. Robinhood21; Jun 25, 2020; 7 8 9. With over 17 million acres of extraordinary land and waterways, it is the ultimate playing field for the outdoor sportsman. Let’s make your Moose Hunting dreams a reality! Life span: 15-25 years; Male moose weigh about 1200-1500 pounds TAGS Service How it Works TAGS TripsState Deadlines, About Outfitter InfoPartnersCatalog RequestContact Us. Exclusive Guided Moose Hunting In Northern Maine. Nov 10, 2020. So, good luck with your Maine Moose Hunt and thanks for considering us for all of your hunting needs. We hunt 2 ways. Permits for Hunting Lodges: Beginning in 2019, the Commissioner may allocate up to 2% of the moose hunting permits for a special chance lottery that is separate from the regular moose permit lottery, to hunting outfitters who meet the specific requirements defined in the law. With the largest moose population in the lower 48, being selected in the Maine moose lottery provides a hunter with the chance to experience a traditional hunt unlike you’ve ever been on. Moose Hunting Seasons; Moose Hunting Permit. This year, just 3,135 hunters received those permits. A person under the age of 10 on the opening day of the moose hunting season may apply to earn a point in the lottery system, but cannot receive a permit. While Foggy Mountain uses only the first five districts, you must list 10 districts for your application to be valid. Top 5 Tips For The Best Moose Hunt Success Rates #5 If possible, always hunt areas that you know are undisturbed from other hunters. Recognize the difference between fresh and old … All-inclusive packages (six days of hunting, 1×1 guide service, meals and lodging) will run roughly $26K. Tips and Tricks Hunting Clothing will make a Difference. CPD. When applying for a moose permit it is absolutely critical to use the following priority list. The link below provides more information on the WTA TAGS endorsed outfitter in Maine who will be there for us the entire way. 41 State House Station In 2019, the Maine Department of Inland Fishers & Wildlife began offering guaranteed “Lodge Tags” to qualifying outfitters. Tip for hunting cow and calf moose, stay close to water sources. Non-resident hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased at most sporting goods stores in Maine, i.e. The legendary Guy Randlett started Maine Trophy Moose over 30 years ago as a "trophy only" guide service. C. O. Moose Rut in Manitoba?? Tags for the 2020 hunting season are committed, but we are now accepting a limited number of bookings for 2021, and waiting list reservations for 2022. Limiting the number in that club: In order to shoot a moose in Maine, you’ve got to win a permit through a state-run lottery. It’s a sportsman’s paradise. Southwest Alaska Rainbow Trout and Salmon Lodge. OMM is one of the few moose guide services that offer one on one calling for trophy bull moose. The bag limit is one moose per year, by either permittee or subpermittee. The Maine moose hunting season is perfectly coordinated with the rut or breeding season, therefore these extremely vocal monarchs of the north give hunters the opportunity to harvest an animal most hunters dream about. Hunting Alaska – The Last Frontier // Application Deadline – Approaching Fast! Augusta, ME 04333-0041, Phone: (207) 287-8000 Mathew “Matt” Morgan, Maine State Guide & Taxidermist Price List Fully Guided (BOOKED)“Guaranteed Moose Tag” Hunt Fully Guided “Guaranteed” Hunt $4,000.00 Who's Moose Hunting Alaska 2020? Moose Hunt Location.

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